Bangkok Airport Layover – 8 Things To Do At The Suvarnabhumi

what to do in Bangkok Airport layover and transit

A layover in the airport is defined as a scheduled stopover at an intermediate airport during a journey from one destination to another. It is a period of time when travelers have to wait at the airport before catching their next flight. The layover period usually ranges from just a few hours (also referred to as a transit) to a maximum of 24 hours. Beyond that is called as stopovers.

When it comes to Bangkok Airport layover, there are many things you can do while waiting for your flight, and they are as follows:

  1. Eat and shop around Bangkok Airport
  2. Relax at the lounge and spa
  3. Shop at the nearby shopping malls
  4. Visit The Grand Palace and temples in the city
  5. Visit the Bangkok Flower Market (Pak Khlong Talat)
  6. Visit the Khao San Road
  7. Visit the Chinatown night market
  8. Take a rest at the hotel

1. Eat and shop around Bangkok Airport

Eating and shopping around during the layover is the best thing to do if you are on a 3-5 hours of layover or during the transit period where you are only allowed to stay within the airport premise. There are over 50 national and international dining venues and hundreds of shops in the airport that you can spend time eating and shopping around.

Most of the shops and restaurants are located on the level-3 and level-4 of the terminal where you can find places like McDonald’s, Starbucks, branded shops like Burberry, Bvlgari, Cartie and other duty free stores. Check out the Suvarnabhumi Airport map to learn more about the information.

2. Relax at the lounge and spa

Relaxing at the lounge and getting a Thai massage at the spa is also another great option for a short layover and transit. Many lounges allow travelers of any flight class or airline to spend a few hours. All you need is a either a boarding pass or a membership card to get accessed.

Most of the airline lounges are located on the level-5 of the terminal. You can also find the independent lounges by the Miracle Lounges located in the various Concourses of the airport.

For getting massage, Chang Massage and Spa used to be the best option available but it’s now closed in the Suvarnabhumi. However, the Miracle Transit Hotel on the level-3 also also has a beauty salon and spa which is pretty good.

3. Shop at the nearby shopping malls

For a 5-7 hours layover at the Suvarnabhumi, shopping at the nearby malls can be something you can do as this also allows you to have a quick tour of the Bangkok city.

Some of the closest shopping malls near Bangkok Airport to check out are:

  1. Paseo Mall Lat Krabang
  2. Mega Bang Na
  3. Central Bang Na
  4. Seacon Square
  5. Paradise Park

The above 4 malls are located in vicinity of the airport where you can easily take a taxi located on the level-1 of the terminal. The Bangkok Airport is about 25 km east of Bangkok and it should take you anywhere from 10-40 mins to reach the above malls, depending on the traffic condition and the location.

4. Visit The Grand Palace and temples in the city

For a 6-8 hours of layover at the Bangkok Airport, you may choose to visit The Grand Palace and some of the important Buddhist temples in the city like Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Pho, and Wat Arun.

These top attractions are located in the Bangkok city center and it takes approximately 40-60 mins to reach by taxi from the Suvarnabhumi Airport, depending on the traffic condition. Depending on how much time you have for the layover, you may choose to either visit 1-2 of them, or visit all the places.

The Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Wat Phra Kaew, and Wat Arun have some dress codes and things to follow before visiting. Check out our 10 best places to visit in Bangkok to learn more about the specific instructions before travelling.

5. Visit the Bangkok Flower Market (Pak Khlong Talat)

Another great place to visit if you’re on a 6-8 hours layover at the airport is the Bangkok Flower Market or commonly called Pak Khlong Talat. This must-see Thai flower market is located about 36 km from the Bangkok Airport and you can take a taxi directly to the place.

Pak Khlong Talat may not be the traditional tourist attraction, but it can appeal to those seeking Bangkok’s local life. Here, you can find all kinds of flowers that the local people buy such as orchids, roses, daisies, carnations and many others.

Next to the Bangkok Flower Market, you can also visit places like the Museum Siam, one of Bangkok’s most innovative museums, or enjoy a cup of coffee while admiring fabulously bright and fragrant show at the Floral Café Napasorn, a coffee shop nearby which was inspired by the market’s theme.

6. Visit the Khao San Road

For a 10-12 hours of layover at the BKK Airport, you can also visit the Khao San Road which is located about 29-32 km from the airport. Here, you can either take the S1 shuttle bus outside of gate 7 on the level-1 of the Suvarnabhumi terminal or take a taxi from the same level straight to the place.

Khao San Road is one of Bangkok’s most famous backpacker district. It’s a short street, constructed in 1892 and is famously known for crazy parties and nightlives. Here, you will find the place jam-packed with guesthouses, food stalls, cloth stores, and travelers from all around the globe.

7. Visit the Chinatown night market

For a 12-24 hours of layover, you can visit the Chinatown and its night market, which is located about 30 km from the Bangkok Airport. The 2 most preferred ways of travelling to the Chinatown is by taxi and the ARL (Airport Rail Link).

Bangkok Chinatown or commonly known as Yaowarat is one of the largest Chinatown in the world. The area serves as a home to many Chinese immigrant who migrated to Thailand in the 17th century. The Chinatown’s night market is one of the best night markets in Bangkok where you can shop around, taste street Thai food, and connect with the local people.

8. Take a rest at the hotel

If travelling around places isn’t what you prefer, taking a rest at the hotel nearby the Bangkok Airport while on the layover and transit is the best thing you can do.

The only hotel in the Suvarnabhumi airport is the Miracle Transit Hotel, which is located on the 3rd floor of the terminal. Otherwise, there are also many great hotels near the BKK that you can choose from. For instance, Novotel Bangkok is located just a 5-minute walk from the Suvarnabhumi. You can also enjoy a golf course at the Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi, which is approximately 20 minutes from the airport.

Is there a transit area in Bangkok Airport?

There is no transit area in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. If you have a connecting flight, you will need to go through immigration and security again on the departure level. This is because Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport is an international airport.

How to transport from Bangkok Airport to city?

There are 4 ways to transport from Bangkok Airport to city center and they are as follows:

  1. Airport Rail Link train: The Airport Rail Link is a rapid transit train service that connects the airport with various stations in Bangkok. The train offers two lines: the City Line, which stops at multiple stations, and the Express Line, which is a non-stop service to the city center.
  2. Bus: There are public buses available from the airport to different parts of Bangkok. The bus services have different routes and fares, providing a more economical transportation option. However, it’s important to note that traffic conditions can affect travel times.
  3. Taxi: Taxis are a convenient and widely available mode of transportation. There are designated taxi stands at the airport where you can queue and take a taxi to your desired destination. Taxis in Bangkok are metered, and additional charges for tolls and airport surcharges may apply.
  4. Private Car: You also have the option to hire a private car or book a private transfer service. This allows you to have a dedicated vehicle and driver to take you directly to your destination in Bangkok. Private car services can be pre-booked online or arranged at the airport.

What is the closest hotel to the Bangkok Airport?

The closes hotel to the Bangkok Airport is Novotel Bangkok, which is located just a 5-minute walk from the Suvarnabhumi, The hotel provides a free 24-hr shuttle from the terminal, which makes getting to the hotel convenient and easy.