Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport Map

Bangkok’s international airport or Suvarnabhumi (BKK Airport) opened in 2006 with the aim to expand the capacity of Don Muang Airport (DMK), which later replaced it for all international flights. Suvarnabhumi terminal buildings host both internal and domestic flights and has 5 floors accessible to passengers. The level 5 and level 6 are for offices and lounges.

Here’s the terminal map of the Suvarnabhumi BKK airport:

Suvarnabhumi bangkok airport map

Level 1: Bus Lobby & Transportation

The ground floor is the departure point where you can find airport express bus service to various points in Bangkok. Here, you can also find the public taxi services and onward connecting bus services to various parts in Bangkok and other provinces. Right in the building, you will also find the local Thai food courts and toilets

Level 2: Arrivals & Transfers

This is a floor for arrivals and transfer flights, both for domestic and internationals. Here, the passengers must clear the immigration before entering the baggage reclaim area. This is also the area where you can find various taxi and transfer services, both public and private. If you’re looking for an exclusive airport pickup and transfers, check out our service for more details.

Other services for passengers arriving that you can find on this level are:

  • Currency exchange and ATMs
  • Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)
  • Association of Thai Travel Agents
  • Official Hotel Reservation
  • Mobile Phone Service (from Thai mobile/cellphone companies AIS and DTAC)
  • Tour Service

Level 3: Meeting Point & Restaurants

This floor is where you can find most of the local and international restaurant brands such as S&P Bakery, McDonald’s, Black Canyon Coffee, etc. This floor also acts as a meeting point for passengers to hang and shop around. Various ATMs and Banks can also be found here

Level 4: Departures

This is the floor for both domestic and international departures. You will find counters for various flight companies. Check-in for domestic flights is area A-F. There are also 7-11s and some book shops to check out here as well.

Level 5 & Level 6

Level 5 and 6 of the Suvarnabhumi airport is where you can find administration offices, help desks, kiosks, lounges and ATM facilities.